Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team - Arizona Cardinals NFL Jump Oct 4, 2015

Sunday Game day NFL Arizona Cardinals Vs Rams; I spent the morning before the game with the Arizona Skyhawks Parachute team.  Getting ready for Demo jump.  This will be my second event with the Skyhawks great weather is what I was hoping for..  

When I got up this morning it was raining and all I could think about is how am I going to stay dry not knowing if the skydivers could jump in the rain.

By the time we got parked at Cardinals stadium the wind was blowing good.  It was touch and go for a moment but the weather cleared up and by the time wheels up it was looking good.  I would recommend everyone to come up to there next jump. It's a great show no mater if it's during the day or a night. Please visit to learn more.  Don't forget to visit my Gallery to see all the great Photography: .


   (Jason, Danny, Terry, Jeff, Tom)  P.S.  Special thanks to my wife who loves and supports me. 


(Jason, Danny, Terry, Jeff, Tom)

P.S.  Special thanks to my wife who loves and supports me. 


Photo Book...

Today I created a 30 Sec (34sec to be exact) video to show what a Miller Imaging Photo Book looks like.  I hope this video helps my clients see what a photo Book option looks like.  I know when you have hundreds of photos it can be overwhelming to see them on a disk or try and decide what to print.  But a photo book is a great option to have something that you can share with your family and friends for years. 

I know I have some clients who have busy schedules that can really benefit from using my on-line tools.  So if it's a newborn keeping your life busy or just trying to find that extra day that has 25hrs so you can keep juggling life.  I pray that this is just a little help.